Hi. I'm Scott Losse.

I'm a stand-up comedian from Seattle, but I bet you're here because you watched an unrelated reel or a short or you went to the wrong website. Welcome!

I've been doing stand-up since 2009. I quit a few times so lets call it 12 years. I have been featured on Dry Bar Comedy, Laughs on Fox, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. I have also performed and clubs and colleges nationwide! Wow. I have an album on Spotify called "Popular Donuts."  My 2017 Dry Bar special "Okay" is available on YouTube. The special is clean. That means it has no swear words.  However, me in real life is a fan of swearing so be warned! Both of these are free. Enjoy!

I am the proud owner of three dogs, three chickens, two snakes, and two feral cats.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and rather like it.

Click on my linktr.ee for stand-up tour date or just follow me on social media. I appreciate it.




Business Emails, Spam, Coupon Codes and Malware can be sent to this email address and, who knows, I might even respond.